FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on what is being fabricated, we need anywhere from 3-6 working days, plus a delivery day for out of town clients.
Depending on where you are located, we use either ICS Logistics or Greyhound Bus for deliveries. Call us and we can schedule a pick up for our first time clients.
You can pay by cheque, Visa or Mastercard. Just call us when you are ready to make a credit card payment and we can process it for you, or we can set your account up for automatic payments. Contact us for details!
In cases where a patient is having braces removed, we can make a standard Hawley retainer or invisible retainer on a 1 day turnaround. Just call a day ahead to schedule a pick-up and delivery.
No problem. Call us and one of our lead technicians will speak with you and provide a design consultation. This is free of charge for all of our regular customers.